Lobella Loves Pop up Christmas Gift Guide

 (Hanging Ballerinas by Lala and Pom at Lobella Loves)

If you’ve not yet come across Lobella Loves (is that possible?) Let me introduce you.

Lobella Loves is an online marketplace full of treasures for little people. This site makes shopping for children (and mums) a dream, with a huge range of stylish and independent products in one convenient place. Jo, the founder of Lobella Loves, is constantly on the look out for inspiring and unique products and that is why Lobella Loves continues to grow with new and independent brands, there is aways something fresh and exciting on the website! Undoubtably, the most special thing about shopping with Lobella Loves is that with every sale made, money is donated to support women suffering with mental health illnesses.  How amazing is that? Oh, and there’s free delivery on EVERYTHING, pretty sweet, ey?

I was so excited when Jo (fun fact: her surname is actually LOVE, how cool!) popped up shop round the corner from me at Fount London, albeit a little bit worried for my bank account. She did such an incredible job with the space, it made my want to have my own shop so badly! Wouldn’t that be the dream? As Chritsmas is coming, I thought I’d get some snaps of some of my favourite bits from the shop and put together a little gift edit for you, just in case you’re in need of some Christmas inspo!


Leather Boots £34 – Fred and Noah

I couldn’t help myself when I saw these boots in the pop up. I LOVE the leopard print ones but went with gold in the end as I thought that they would go with more around Christmas time. They are sized by age so make a great gift even if you don’t know the exact shoe size of the fashionista that you’re looking for! Fred & Noah also have the coolest combination of leggings and sweatshirts to choose from and their bibs and muslins make great original gifts too. Check them out here.


Pink, Grey & White Ball Pit £125 – Mini Maison

These modern ball pits have been the toy to have in 2017 – they’re great for fine and gross motor skill development as well as looking great in playrooms, bedrooms or living spaces and come in a range of colour combinations. Kids of all ages love them and best of all the covers are washable!  Mini Maison stock cool and modern and playful nursery and kids’ decor, I LOVE their cactus cushion! Check out Mini Maison here.


Crochet Baby Accessories from £9 – Gooseberry Fool.

Gooseberry Fool make beautiful handmade clothes and accessories for babies and children. You won’t be able to resist (let alone cope with) their adorable cardigans for babies or their crochet booties!  Rachel, the founder of Gooseberry Fool took to crafting at a difficult time in her life and instantly fell in love with it. Now her crafty creations are making so many people happy. I loved this grey and white set for a new baby, but there are lots more styles if your more inclined to a splash of colour! Check out Gooseberry Fool here.


Prenderland Books – Wall art £15 & Flash cards £10

These Prenderland flash cards are brilliant for little learners and would make a fab stocking filler. Each set of these alphabet and number flash cards are beautifully illustrated for the letters of the alphabet and numbers one to ten. The thing that I loved about these are, unlike many other flashcards, they have been carefully designed to ensure they are phonic-friendly and dyslexic-friendly. As an ex-reception teacher, this is something that I notice in some ‘learning’ toys but I imagine other parents might not. For example toys with letters only shown in the capital form (these show both) or say things like ‘G for Giraffe,’ this is super un-helpful for kiddies as the ‘G’ sound in the word Giraffe is actually made by the letter ‘J’. These cards would make a lovely learning aid for children or a cute display on a nursery wall. Find Prenderland Books here.

Thea Chop Books – She’s Not Good For a Girl, She’s Just Good £6.99

In this story book, when Frank says Florence can’t be any good at sport because she’s a girl, she challenges him and his misconceptions, and in the process, her own!  In this fun and inspiring rhyming children’s story, a boy and a girl discover equality through sport and challenge. If you’re fed up of stories about pink princesses waiting to be saved, then this book is perfect!  And it’s not just for girls!  I have read a LOT of story books in my time and this has to be one of my favourite. I wrote on my Instagram a while back about my niggle regarding ‘feminist’ books just being aimed towards girls. This book doesn’t feel like it’s aimed toward anyone, its a brilliant book for the whole family to enjoy.  This would be my top stocking filler suggestion to anyone looking for inspiration! Its great ( no wonder it was recently awarded Platinum Winner in the Smallish Design Awards in the New Book category!)  You can find it here.


Mosley London – Tea towel £12 Notebook £5

Mosley London is an ethical lifestyle brand based in East London. The idea behind the brand is playful illustrations that make people smile. Once you have met Lyndsey, who draws these illustrations, it is clear to see why. She is just so lovely and smiley! And she is expectectibg her first baby at the moment, how exciting. These would make great secret santa gifts or gift for that person who you don’t know what to buy! I love this leaf print but there are so many lovely designs to choose from. Lyndsey also designs amazing East London Landmark cards, which I LOVE.  Check her designs out here!


Norah’s Brownies Lobella Loves Collection – £16

These are likely the best brownies you will ever eat! This collection of brownies are all gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and this carefully selected box has been designed with Lobella Loves in mind. Each brownie represents a part of mum life.

  • Caramel coconut popcorn and rose – for all the movie nights in  when eveyone else seems to be out
  • Glitter sugar free marshmallow – For the night out with the girls , when you finally get to dress up
  • Strawberry- for the healthy living that we decide start
  • Coconut and raspberry- for the Island we put ourselves on, whether it be alone or our love island

All orders arrive in the Norah’s Brownies gift box that fits through straight through your letter box so if you’re sending them to a friend, you don’t need to worry about them being at home to receive them. These box of browies are a perfect treat for any friend especially as they are guilt free! They make the perfect alternative to sending flowers or a regular box of chocolates, I mean who wouldn’t be excited by sparkly brownies?


(You Deserve It!)

Space Masks – £3.50 each

Finally, after all that scrolling screen-time, you definitely need a self-heating eyemask to transport you to another dimension. These are amazing for relieving tiredness, eye strain and many other Earthly tensions. The warmth comes alive as soon as you open it.  So make sure you’re fully reclined and ready for lift-off! I usually use mine just before I go to sleep and always wake up with them on my face (or tangled in my hair) in the morning. The perfect gift for mums, dads, grandparents, teachers, in fact, just anyone!

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you didn’t find what you were looking for, be sure to look at the Lobella Loves website, there is something on there for everyone! (Check out all the goodies below if you don’t believe me!)

Merry Christmas! X



2 thoughts on “Lobella Loves Pop up Christmas Gift Guide

  1. I’m absolutely in love with the Mini Maison ball pits. I was never allowed to go in ball pits as a kid and now I have kids of my own, I’m living out my ball pit yearnings through them – so much fun!


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